Image of SWINJ #1-5 Anthology Image of SWINJ #1-5 Anthology

SWINJ #1-5 Anthology


Swinj was created in Pat Eddington’s high-school art class with a group of close friends in 1998. The small edition zines were made up of drawings, photos of skateboarding, graffiti, comics, and poems. Early issues were black and white xerox. Later issues had screen-printed covers, came with hand drawn stickers, artwork, and glowed in the dark.

Swinj is a collection of stuff that I curated, begged for, and fished out of the trash. It serves to document and shine a light on the art of my peers being made at the time.

This book is a compilation of the early issues, 1998-2003. Assembled by Trent Call in Salt Lake City, Utah. 2016